Interesting views of Maya Yonika on Western Tantra

I was really intrigued by Maya Yonika’s video where she discusses certain part of her journey through Tantra. Maya is a world renowned Tantric Practitioner and author of “No Mud, No Lotus; a memoir of Sex, Betrayal and Spiritual Awakening.” In the video Maya compares the search for the perfect sexual partner or the perfect sexual experience to materialistic and wanting beautiful expensive luxury goods or material wealth.

In Maya’s words:

more juicy sex, more orgasms. It’s not that different from the cultural mind as it is. And that’s why so many people enter into Neo-Tantra. Wow, life is going to get really blissful and sex is going to look really good and I’m going to have a bunch of lovers and everything is going to be great after that. It’s sort of the same as I’m going to get a Mercedes and I’m going to get loads of money, I’m going to get the perfect partner and everything is going to be great after that.

Her view is so interesting, as I had never considered that there is so much more to Tantric massage than just creating the “perfect” sensual massage experience. I guess the lesson I take away from Maya that there is no such thing as perfection in Tantra, but each persons individual journey.

Here is the the actual video: