Movember – Male Physical Health


I am delighted that the Movember foundation is there to raise awareness for some of the most common male health problems. As most of my lovely clients are male in my job as a sensual massage therapist I often consider the stresses they are under in their day to day lives and the topic of male health is very close to my heart.

I have listed below a summary of facts I have learned this week from the website and I have included a link for further reading with each of them:

Prostate cancer

The risk factors for Prostate cancer are older age as well as a family history of the illness. Please read more about the symptoms by following this link

Testicular cancer

Any man  between the age of 15-40 years is at risk of testicular cancer and early detection and knowing the risks is of great importance. For further information as well as for full explanation on how to examine yourself please read the article in this link

Men’s general heath

On this page of some general information and best practices related to male health are given: