Movember – Male Mental Health


In my previous blog post I addressed the physical male health problems the Movember foundation raises awareness of but I also wanted to write about the massively important topic of male mental health issues. While researching the topic of male mental health I came across some really worrying facts I wanted to point out. I have chosen the information I feel would be the most relevant for my readers who I assume are mostly professionals working in London and have included the summary of my findings with links to other websites for more information.


According to feeling stressed, overworked and under pressure is a really common problem for men. Read more:

Male mental health problems under-diagnosis

There is some concern that there is widespread under-diagnosis of male mental illnesses compared to female ones. According to “Men are significantly less likely to access psychological therapies than women”. Read more:

I really hope that the more these issues will be discussed the more men will feel empowered to reach out and ask for the support that is rightfully theirs.