What I learned about healthy male masturbation


I read an interesting article by Paul Nelson who is a male Sexuality Educator in New York about how certain men’s masturbation habits and techniques are adversely affecting them. Paul mentioned two things in particular which I wanted to share with my readers:

1 – Desensitized penis

Paul writes that one of the most frequent issues he comes across is men having a desensitised penis due to masturbating too quickly and roughly and without any lubrication. According to Paul this type of masturbation “deadens the sensory nerves in the penis” and “the penis comes to depend on that sort of intense stimulation in order to climax”.

2 – Rushing to orgasm

Paul talks about about men rushing their masturbation sessions for various reasons which eventually trains their bodies to “orgasm as quickly as possible”.

Read Paul Nelson’s full article here:

How sensual and Tantric massage can help

I feel that sensual and Tantric massage addresses both issues mentioned in this article very well. Very gentle teasing touching is used to lightly stimulate the penis and the pure Organic massage oils I use are an excellent male lubricant. Not only does the gradual stimulation of the penis engages all the nerve endings but all the build-up of the gentle teasing of all the erogenous zones before actually touching the penis greatly increases the pleasure. I really don’t think the term “Happy Ending massage” is a very good term as sensual massage is highly enjoyable throughout the whole of the massage, not just during the part of the climax. I also believe that the gradual and teasing build-up during my massage leads to a much more powerful orgasms for my clients.