My fist blog post

Hello, this is my first blog post, I’m so excited!
I have head this website now year and I kept meaning to start blogging but life seemed to always too busy.
The are so many things related to the massage I would like to write about and I am really looking forward to sharing them with you here on my blog.

Another reason I wanted to write this blog is because it would really like to document my person journey in learning more about Tantra. As mentioned on my about my massage page my main experience is in therapeutic massage which I have more than eight years of experience in and I have been providing erotic massage for only the last few years of those.
For quite some time I really felt that my erotic massage was amazing enough and that as an experienced massage therapist and as a very sensual woman by nature there nothing new that could be taught to me, but lately I have been more and more curious about what new things I can learn.

Recently I have been learning more about Tantric techniques which has added a whole new dimension to the massage experience that I provide. Tantra is so much more than just a few new massage techniques and I feel that I am discovering a whole new way of thinking about the body.

I am currently reading a few books on Tantra and I’m looking forward to sharing the new things I learn in this blog with you and hopefully one day I get to demonstrate them properly during a massage is well!

One of the things I have learnt is that original Tantra from many years ago has very little to do with the type of tantra practiced today in the West. The Tantra we we are the most familiar with has actually been invented by several different teachers in the West. I am currently in the process process reading about this at the moments, and I look forward to sharing my findings in another blog posts with you soon.