Classic Tantra vs Neo Tantra

Tantric massage is part of something called Neo Tantra, which is an adaptation of ancient Classic Tantrik traditions. In a way Classical Tantra and modern Neo Tantra are at the opposite end of each others in terms of their believes as Classic Tantra has mainly to do with spiritual enlightenment and awareness in the upper four chakras. These are from the heart chakra up through past the crown chakra. Some of the disciplines involved in the mastery of Classic Tantra are: Conscious breath-work, deep meditation and self discipline and also the carefully guided awakening of Kundalini life force energy for spiritual purposes. As you can probably tell this has very little to do with Tantric massage but I wanted to share this information with people interested in Tantric massage to differentiate what I do in my Tantric massage from ancient Classical Tantra.

My Tantra – Neo Tantra

Neo Tantra deals mainly with the lower three chakras: from the solar plexus down to the root chakra at the base of the spine. I focus on increasing orgasmic pleasure and the capacity for fuller body orgasms during climax. My favorite part of Tantric Massage is the massage of the male pelvic area and erogenous zones called the Lingam Massage, which is a gentle and loving massage of a mans lower belly and whole pelvic area and genitals.

Which type of Tantra is right for you?

Most Western people find Neo Tantra an easier introduction to Tantric principles. From what I understand most Western people who discover Tantric massage or couple who practice Tantric Sex find that it is exactly what they are looking for but a small number of people actually go on dedicating themselves to deepening their understanding and progressing to more Classic form of Tantra which takes them away from Sensual practices.

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